About him

Abraham Jedediah Simpson II, also known as "Grifty McGrift" and commonly known as "Grampa Simpson", or simply as "Grampa", is the patriarch of the Simpson family, the father of Homer, Herbert and  Abbie Simpson, father-in-law of Marge Simpson, and the paternal grandfather of BartLisa, and Maggie Simpson. He is bald, has glasses, dusty pink shirt, dirty purple pants and dark red slippers.

In the game

Homer Simpson Saw Game

Abraham was seen in the retirement castle sleeping on the bench. When Homer yelled his name, Abraham started shaking himself out of fear and panic. Abraham then asked his son what was the matter. Homer replied that his father looked in a good shape, and his teeth were all shining, and Abraham thanked him to be so thoughtful. Homer then asked him if he still used the same old set of teeth, and Abraham wanted to prove it, so he took his teeth out to show his son. Therefore, Homer exclaimed: «Finders Keepers!» while he snatched them. He said he promised that he would give them back one day, though Abraham said that something is telling him he wouldn't see his teeth again.


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