Ms. Spink
Ms. Spoonk

About her

April Spink, or otherwise known as Miss Spink, is Coraline's neighbor and is described to be a big and old woman. She is a retired actress and shares a flat with Miriam Forcible in the basement part of the Pink Palace Apartments.

She is quite round with pink hair and heavy blue eyeshadow. She wears a green/seafoam dress with ruffles at the ends of it and a white pearl necklace. She also walks around with a walker that is filled with knitting supplies in case she has to knit an angel sweater for her sick Scottie dogs.

In the game

Coraline and the Secret Door

Miss Spink was seen with Miss Forcible in their little room playing cards. When said, that she can make a fortune, but she couldn't read without her fortune teller hat.

When she looked in the cup, from where Coraline drank, she said that there is danger upon her; it was an evil hand.

Coraline brings back to them a Scottie dog with an uniform and puts it on a shelf, which made both of the ladies happy.

When Coraline told the two ladies about their parents being missing, they gave her a triangle stone.

In the end she was with other characters on a picnic party, having an body-wheel infront of her, which helps her standing on her own.



  • In Coraline's game, she was equal as in the movie.
  • She misnames Coraline's name as Caroline.
  • At the ending scene, she had a complete different outfit then before; a turquise sleeveless shirt, blue pants and holding a pale orange, but large, hearing horn.
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