About him

Azrael is one of the main characters of the Smurfs comic books and the Smurfs cartoon show. He is Gargamel's cat who usually is helpful in ferreting out hiding Smurfs for his master, though at times he tends to get in the way of his master, resulting in Gargamel getting angry with his pet for his incompetence.

In the comic books, Azrael is an orange cat, while in the cartoon show, he is a brown cat. Also, Azrael has white eyes with black pupils in the comic books while he has yellow eyes with black pupils in the cartoon show.

In the game

In Criss Angel game, he was sleeping quietly when Clumsy blew a bit of the magical powder that made him shrunk.



  • In Criss Angel game, he was the same as in the cartoons.
  • He was moving his back up and down to show the player that he was asleep.
  • When the smurf blew the powder at him, Azrael stood up shocked, as he started to shrink; and was tinyer then Clumsy.
  • The hole, that Azrael was sleeping in, was a small hall under the ground; the player could see soil with a coco-clock and a antient dinosour head bone. It also had a inflate balloon.
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