Game description

Pigsaw has kidnapped Bart and is holding him captive inside his own school. Help Bart escape before it's too late!


Hero: Bart

Villians: Itchy and Scratchy, Kang (the alien), Moe, Hugo, three bullies (Kearney, Dolph, Jimbo), Sideshow BobPigsaw

Others: Santa's Little Helper


  • Lots of things in this game are from the simpsons like:
    • All the enemies.
    • Santa's little helper appear.
    • At the start, bart is writing lines, that is a reference to the [gag] at the start of the episode.
    • Kang and Sideshow both first appeared in Lady gaga saw game.
    • Pigsaw told us about Bart in Criss Angel saw.
    • There is a new version of Bart Simpson saw called Bart Simpson Saw Game 2 (that is a mini escape).
    • Moe is shown as an enemy probably because of all of bart's prank calls.
    • Bart makes prank calls in this game.
    • Moe's number is identical to the matrix assistance service number in Presidential Escape.
  • In Bart Simpson saw game one and two, in the begining, it's shown, that Bart was in school, writing something on the big green table, when Pigsaw appeared in the screen. The diffrence about the two games is:
    • In the first game (Bart saw game), when Pigsaw told his plan of gaming to Bart, the windows, were closed by metal walls, when in the second game (Bart saw game 2), we could't see the windows, neither the metal walls.
    • When Bart opens the door and goes out from the classroom, we could see two diffrent tipes of hallways. In the first game, the hallway was small and had lots of doors and in the hallway, there was The Simpson's house dog. In the second game, the hallway was bigger but had no doors. In the hallway, was Millhouse standing there, withouth his glasses.
    • The first game had several different tipes of rooms (The principal's office, music room, houseman room). In the second game, he went to a room, where was just profesor Frank, with his machine. 
    • At the begining (first game), Bart had his normal skate board, (second game) he had a different tipe of skate board, and without weels. 
    • In the second game (somewhere in the middle) he came in the principal's office where the principal was in it, when in the first game the principal wasn't there. 
    • In the first game he had villains like: Itchy and Scratchy, his 'twin brother' Hugo, the three bulies, alien and Bob Slideshow. When in the second game, there were: Medusa, Scorpion King, Samara and Bob Slideshow. 
    • In the end of the first game, Bart came back home and told his father all about it, when in the second game he woke up in his bed having the dream, that Pigsaw wants to play a game with him.
Bart Simpson Saw Game Walkthrough-0

Bart Simpson Saw Game Walkthrough-0

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