Game description

Pigsaw is back and has kidnapped Bart again. Help him before it's too late!


Heroes: Bart Simpson

Villains: Pigsaw, T-rex, Bees, Medusa, Scorpion King, Sideshow Bob, Samara, Mike Myers

Others: Milhouse, Professor Frink, Willie, Principal Skinner, Bumblebee Man, monkey.


  • In the second game, Bart was locked in the school again, with the villains, that were from the Simpson's series and some in this game are 'new' (T-rex, Bees, Medusa, Scorpion King, Samara, Mike Myers).
  • The school in this game, was very differented, as it was in the first game. You can see it here.
    Bart Simpson Saw Game 2 Walkthrough

    Bart Simpson Saw Game 2 Walkthrough

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