Game description

Batman has to save his sidekick Batgirl from Pigsaw and his villains.


Hero: Batman

Victims: Batgirl

Villains: Clayface, Two-Face, Scarecrow, Mad Hatter, Bane, Catwoman, The Riddler, Mr.Freeze, Poison Ivy, Killer Croc, Harley Quinn, Penguin, The Joker, Pigsaw

Others: Alfred Pennyworth, Andrea Estephania Padilla Mejía


  • The villains and other people are mostly from Batman's animated cartoons.
  • Clay Face is in the game called: Mud man.
  • All of the characters inside the game are shrinked and not normal sized.
  • Andrea Estaphania Padilia Mejia is a winner from one of the Inkagames videos and in the game (to help Batman) she can repair coins.
  • Scarecrow and the other villains are in the game shapped a bit different than in the animated series.
  • Batman's outfit (grey and blue) is mostly from the new cartoon serie, Batman: The Brave and the Bold.
  • Every room, Batman goes in, is suitable for the villains (it's appearence).
  • Batgirl has her hair, in the game, red instead of blond.
  • In the end of the game Pigsaw had a last game for Batman and Batgirl.
Batman Saw Game Walkthrough

Batman Saw Game Walkthrough

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