About it

The Bone Vampires is a species of alien creature Doohan 6 and it gets its name from its way of feeding itself: by sucking the skeleton out of its victims.

The Bone Vampire appears as a large, rat-like monster whose color and height is variable, but the latter is roughly the same as that of a human adult. They also possess spikes on their backs and mouth.

In the game

In Fry's game, it was seen sleeping on the grass. And was happy when it saw his baby near by.

Fry puts the baby creature down, behind the red line, as it goes to the adult creature. When the sleeping creature opened it's eyes, it hughed the baby and then went off on it's two feet. As the two of them went, the red line disappeared, and Fry could walk normally.



  • In Fry's game, it was seen the same as in the series.
  • The adult creature was a mother.
  • The baby creature was hatched in Fry's room, near the night light.
  • The baby creature went to the adult on it's behind feet.
  • The creature's place, had trees with defferent shapes of leafs, bushes, two planets that were seen in the sky, hills and paths. On the grass was also a glove.
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