About him

Is a monstrous imaginary figure used in threatening children and or a terrifying or dreaded person or thing.

In the game

In German's game, he was seen flying over a candle as he started to get on fire. He quickly rushes in the wardrobe as German blocks it, preventing him to get out.

German puts the lighted candle on the floor, where the X marked the spot, and goes to open the wardrobe and picks up a battery. As German picks up the thing, the Boogieman flies down, where the candle was, and the fire from the candle started to expand on the Boogieman's 'tail'. He looks down, shocks and starts to blow at it, so it could stop, but it did not. He then rushes into the wardrobe, and German closes them and blocks the doors with the 2 by 4's and nails. German had 5 seconds to do it.



  • In German's game, he was seen like Oogie Boogie, but was more thiner and was like a ghost.
  • The closed doors were then pushed sometimes, but could not open themselfs. German then said, that the Boogieman won't be able to come out of the closet anymore.
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