About them

The Business Men resemble stereotypical zombies by their discolored skin (tinted blue) and their numerous boils. Due to their tenuous grasp of English, they appear somewhat simple; however, their ability to effectively deal with situations show that they may retain some degree of intelligence. Jake describes them as "well-dressed pickles." Their leader wears a red necktie and has black hair, while the others have blue neckties and brown hair.

In the games

In Adventure time saw game, he was with a briefcase, but to give the briefcase to Finn he wants something shinny and that cost much. When the man gets his ruby, the man gives his briefcase (with an object) to Finn.

In Slenderman Saw game, he wanted 4 golden rings in order to trade for the 2 antient masks.

In Mordecai saw game, he wanted something to eat, because he was hungry. After he was given a lasagna, he trade it with his briefcase, that had some stuff.


  • In every game, he was seen the same and equal as in the Adventure Time cartoon.
  • In all the games he was seen, he is first sad, but when he got what he wanted, he makes a smile.
  • In the games, there is only seen one Buisness Man and correctly, the player always sees the leader.
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