About him

Cajun Fox is an orange fox who always wears a pair of sunglasses.

In the game

In Courage's game, he was seen somewhere outside, standing near the telephone boath, when the stranger ofers him a chance to win on a slot machine. When he put the penny in the machine it automatically pop out a boxing glove on a spring that punched him at his face and throwing him out from the space.



  • In Courage's game, he was seen the same as in the series.
  • He didn't noticed that the strange man was in fact Courage, that had a discuize.
  • When Courage went to Cajun Fox, he had to put a mustache and a white-black hat on himself, so that the Fox wouldn't recognize him.
  • Fox was standing near the telephone boath, and had the Golden piece in his hands and a gallon jug near his feet.
  • When Courage asks Fox if he would love to win at a slot machine, the Fox said that he loves slot machines, but don't have any money. So Courage handed him a coin.
  • As Fox put the coin in the slot machine, the middle sesion of the machine (the slot with a yellow triangle) opens up, as out came a big boxing glove that punched him.
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