About them

Are the main citizens of the Candy Kingdom, ruled by Princess Bubblegum. Most of the People are candies, fruits or other sweets. In the Inkagames we saw just: Starchie (the choco ball), Mr. Cupcake, Ice Cream Guy, Mr. Dounut and Manfried (the pinyata).

In the game

Mr. Cupcake, Ice Cream Guy, Mr. Dounut

These three were all in the Candy Kingdom, when they had to be put in the right spot.


Was the piñata who was tied up on the cealing of the Candy Kingdom and could talk. After Finn brings him a cap, so Manfrien would protect himself from the sun, he tosses him down a basketball.


Was on the graveyard, with a shovel in his hands. He was also the one Candy who could talk.


Was the candy that was brought to life and maybe a friend of Starchy, he was also the one Candy who could talk.



  • The Candy People were all in same shapes and none different than in the TV series.
  • Mr. Cupcake, Ice Cream Guy and Mr. Dounut were the only ones that were short playable in the castle.
  • Starchy, also known as a chocolate malt ball was seen at the graveyard.
  • Also Juanito, the half eaten heart, was brought to life at the graveyard.
    • Mr. Dounut, Ice Cream Guy, Mr. Cupcake
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