About her

She is the antagonist from the Fairy Tale, Hansel and Gretel. She is an old witch, who lived in the Candy House, that the two siblings found and invited them inside. She forces Hansel to eat candy and Gretel to do her chores. Later, she is stabbed by Gretel and she was pushed into her own oven to burn.

In the game

In Crazy Tale, she was seen in her Candy House and invited Obama in, as he stepped into a trap. But later she was thrown into her oven.



  • In Crazy Tale, her house was made out of different tipes of candy.
  • She was in a light gray robe that covered half of her face.
  • It was seen she had red middle sized hair, and a large nose.
  • When Obama fell into her trap, she laughed.
  • As Obama fell, she called him a kid. And that she forgot to mention him, that he is the meal.
  • The witch was near her oven and poking in the fire, and when Obama kicked her into the oven, the doors of it closed down.
  • She had an unknown yellow bottle in her left hand.
  • In her house, she had an oven, a mouse hole, Pinocchio in her trap, a shelf with bottles and a trap door.
  • The part of the Fairy Tale was from Hansel and Gretel.
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