Mr. Jones
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About him

Charlie Jones is the father of Coraline and the husband of Mel Jones. Charlie is a lanky man with a long neck and face. His hair is light short hair and has small glasses. He is wearing a light turquise shirt, blue pants and gold shoes. 

In the game

Coraline and the Secret Door

In Coraline's adventure game, he was seen in his computer room where he was working something on his computer; but was annoyed when Coraline start to move the doors side to side, making them squeek, thus he gave her some instructions to paint some stuff that were wierd in the house in the notebook. He then allowed her to go out when she showed him the paintings.

In the second part, he was in the kitchen, sitting near the table, eating the food with his family.

While in the next morning, when Coraline wanted to go outside, he only asked her, if her mother approved her to go outside. After some moments he was seen coming to the kitchen, when he heared from his wife , that she wanted to go to the store.

As Coraline came back from her trip from the other world, he was seen trapped in the mirror with his wife and freezing.

Later on, when Coraline comes back to the real world again, we saw Mel and Charlie coming in the living room, where Coraline was and had a bit of snow on their heads; they did not know they had snow on their heads but it soon disappeared.

After 2 hours they were seen in Coraline's room, talking about the yard party and later went outside the room. And in the ending scene, he was with the others having a yard party.



  • In Coraline's game, he was seen the same as in the movies.
  • He cooked the souper for his family, as we heared from his wife.
  • He and his wife were near his room, while they talked to Coraline and had souper.
  • At the ending scene, we could see that he was taller than any woman around, and the second tallest after Mr. Bobinsky. A brown belt was also added around his waist.
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