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Charlie Sheen or Carlos Irwin Estevez is an American comedian. He is the actor who formerly played Charlie Harper on the hit show Two and a Half Men. He is the youngest son of four children born to actor Martin Sheen and artist Janet Templeton. Production of Two and a Half Men went on hiatus in January 2011 while Sheen underwent a substance rehabilitation program in his home, his third attempt at rehab in 12 months. The following month, however, CBS canceled the season's four remaining episodes after Sheen publicly made derogatory comments about the series' creator, Chuck Lorre, and Warner Bros. banned Sheen from entering its production lot.

In the games

In Homer Simpson Saw Game, he is just an extra. He was next to the bar with 2 pretty women with him, after he died by Moe's ripper hand.

In his own game, he looks more of himself and not like in Homer's Saw Game. Here he wears his real clothes: pink T-shirt, a blue sleeveless vest, green shorts, light blue socks and light brown shoes. He had to save himself from Pigsaw's twisted game. 

In Lindsay's game, Charlie helps Lindsay to escape from the room and from the evil puppet, Pigsaw. They were both first seen in a studio, where they were kiddnaped. He can be half playable as Lindsay.



  • In his own game, in the begining, the moderators show's Charlie in his house, that was original like in the series Two and a Half Men.
  • His clothes (in his own game) were the same as in Lindsay Saw Game.

  • In Charlie Saw Game he had to fire a circle on fire, so that the circus lion would go threw and be happy; when in Linsay Saw Game, he had to put the lions in the right colored spots.
  • In Homer's game, Charlie was different, his skin was yellow as in the Simpson's serie and he wears a light blue-green T-shirt with darker blue-green jeans, while his shoes are the black.
  • When Moe touched the girl in purple dress, she falls down and her lipstic went next to Barney. Charlie collapsed down from his seat, and the girl with brown top and jeans also fell down on the ground.
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