Game description

Chavo has to get his Giant Sanwich.


Hero: Chavo

Villains: Dog

Others: Cat, the red grasshopper, Chimoltrufia, Botija, Chompiras, doctor Chapatin, the nurse, Chaparron, Lucas, Mr. Prudencio, neigboor in the 14th door, Quico, Paty, Peluchin (dog), the neigboor of the 71th door (Witch), a man, the man in the 72th door, Chilindrina, Popis, the lady in the 42th door, a fruit seller, Gonzalo Rosano (frrom the 16th doors), Jaimito, professor Jirafales, Nono, a poor boy, baker


  • This game is made in memory of the late Mexican Comedian Roberto Gomez Bolaños a.k.a. Chespirito who passed away in November 28th 2014.
    • He  was the creator of all the characters that appeared in the game except Gonzalo who is the Inka Winner for this game
  • This game was originally titled Chavo and the Christmas Present but it was changed as it was premiered after christmas and all christmas related dialogues and scenarios were modified to no longer carry the christmas theme, however the last scene of the game gets closer to a christmas dinner.
    • This movement made the 2014 the second year without a christmas game as Cody Jones Santa Claus Rescue, the original christmas game that the Inka Team were developing was turned into Cody Jones Chocolate Factory to allow this game to become the Christmas Game.
  • The red grasshopper was also seen in one of Obama's games.
  • The dog shrinked because of the shrinking pill.
  • Batija punched/spinned Chompiras, because he made a joke on Batija's.
  • People in this village are very funny.
  • There were 3 sellers - but one was the baker.
  • Quico was seen in one of Obama's game.
  • Chavo always ran into trouble.
  • Chavo got a kiss from Paty and fell down.
  • Chavo had to dance the indian dance in order that he has water in his buckets.
  • Gonzalo was the winner of the Inka Christmas game.
  • Chavo made his own juice stand (from fresh fruit) to earn some money.
  • After Chavo got the sandwich, he couldn't eat it - because of the poor boy - so he gaved it to him.
  • In the end Chavo was invited on a dinner by Mr. Barriga and all of the other characters were there too.
  • Chavo has realized (in the end) that how nice it feels to give away something that is important to you.
Chavo and the Giant Sandwich Walkthrough

Chavo and the Giant Sandwich Walkthrough

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