About her

Chilindrina is a character in El Chavo del Ocho. She is in love with Chavo. She is very cunning and manipulative, exploiting the innocence and naivete of Chavo and Quico to get something. She has black hair, and on each side she has a pony tail. She usually wears a green dress with a yellow pocket, and a red jacket, and black shoes.

In the game

In Chavo's game, she was first seen, when Chavo and Quico were outside talking to each other, as she was then questioned by a salesman, if her dad was home. She went back to her house when her father and Dona Florinda were quiting with their fights.

In the second part, she was seen alone in the house and sad, because she lost her dog, Peluchin. As when Chavo finds and returns back to her, she was happy.

In Crazy Haunted House, she was seen with Quico tric or treating by the witch's old house. They both were then grabbed by her evil trees.

In the second part, when Chavo wanted to save them, they were both trapped.

In the third part, it was seen that all three of them reappeared back to their own town, and were calling Chavo.



  • In Chavo's game, she said to the salesman, that her dad wasn't home, when in the next moment her dad came out of the house.
  • She didn't had an upper tooth.
  • She was seen in the end, where all of the characters had a feast.

  • In Crazy Haunted House, she said: Halloween! with Quico.
  • She had a evil witch mask; a black hat with a light purple band, a green face that had a sharp beard and short but curly black hair.
  • She then revealed her true face,
  • Childrina had a smaller halloween basket then Quico.
  • It is seen, that around their hands they had green lasers or cufs and were attached on the wall.
  • When Chavo saved them, and the cufs magically disappeared, they were happy.
  • At the end, it was known that it was only a dream. Chilindrina was also pulling Chavo's hand out of the barrel, as she was calling his name.
  • She pulled out a halloween mask from her back and it was differenter then before (in the trailer). It was the face of the evil witch that was in Chavo's dream.
  • Chilindrina at the end said, that it was a little too much, when Chavo turned into stone.
  • The Crazy Haunted House was the second game before the game Chavo and

the Giant Sandwich was made. Quico also looked a bit different in this game.

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