Game description

The evil puppet has kidnapped Cody, help him escape!


Protagonist: Cody Jones

Villains: Pigsaw, Pigface, a zombie (from Plants vs Zombies), evil Pacman, a Cyclops, Robot Cody (when he is programmed as evil), the Blue Eyes White Dragon, a worm, Agent Smith, Ultron

Others/Helpers: An orange cat, a Peashooter (Plant_Cannon), Tony Stark, Robot Cody (when he is nice), a scoffer, a guard, peach, a man with a big head, Morpheus, Gianmarco Rojas Ruiz


Cody Saw Game Walkthrough (InkaGames)

Cody Saw Game Walkthrough (InkaGames)

Link of the gamer: Adelie Land Games


  • The next Inkagame winner is Gianmarco Rojas Ruiz.
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