About her

Coraline Jones is an adventurous, clever, twelve year old girl in the film and in the book, and also the main protagonist of the story, Coraline, in both book and film, that are respectively named after her. She is the daughter of Charlie and Mel Jones.

Coraline has short, navy blue hair (originally brown in the novel) and brown eyes. She is also very skinny for her age. During the beginning of the film, Coraline is seen to wear jeans, a yellow rain coat, and Wellington boots of the same color. Underneath is a long-sleeves striped red shirt. Other than that attire, Coraline is frequently seen to be wearing her orange pyjamas due to traveling to the Other World by night. She is also frequently seen with a black captain's cap and a purple and blue dragonfly hairpin and bright blue nailpolish.

In the game

In Coraline and the Secret Door, Coraline and her parents just move in the Pink Palace, and as they have lots of work to do, Coraline is discovering the house's inner place as well as the outside.

She used a pot in the hallway to help herself with the straighning the carpet.

She helped the Inkagame winner to find her hamster in the real world as in the other world. At the kitchen's table, she asked her doll if the food is poisoned and moved her doll's head, making it look it nods. In the night, she followed a mouse to the little doors that lead Coraline to the other world. Coraline opened her eyes widely when she got an info from Mr. Bobbinski. She had to get the key, to the other world, from the old locker that was in the wardrobe. Coraline wanted to have some sleep, so she could return to her own world, but the magic didn't work. When Coraline came back in the real world, she called her parents, but couldn't find them. The cat helped her find her parents, that were trapped in the mirror. Coraline had to get three eyes in the shape of balls. When she was locking the doors from the other world up, the three ghost spirits helped her lock up. She made a plan how to get rid of other mother's hand. In the end, she was with the other characters outside in the yard party.



  • In Coraline's game, she was exact the same as in the movies and mostly done the same things as in the movie as well.  
  • Her associated game is the first to be fully based on the original inspiration.  
  • Coraline was actually playable in a demo version of Coraline and the Secret Door, but it was not yet released, until 11th July 2015.  
  • The first date was before Christmas in 2013, then the moderators (in FB-facebook) declared of some techical ishues and said that they will re-write the script as in the movie, but it is more complicated then any other games from now. They also said that the game will maybe be released in January or February, but from the pile of work, it is very hard to say at which date will it be really released.  
  • In 18th February 2014 they said, that the game isn't still finished yet and they had to fix and make some new places, but they will show the fans some pictures of the game. 
  • In 2th March, they added two photographs of Coraline: 1. when she was on the garden and 2. the 'Other dad' on the Mantis. 
  • On 18th April they said that the game is still not realease, but that the fans should have patience and that soon the game will come in Inkagames. 
  • On 9th May, they added a new photograph, where Coraline was with the two women in the opera circus. 
  • On 20th May, the creators were still saying that Coraline doesn't has the very end and the game needs to be fixed.  
  • On 9th July they announced that in 15th of August the game will be released. 
  • On 29th September they made a new date for the release of the game that would be in 1st December. 
  • On 3th December the new date was on 15th March 2015. On 17th December they released a new trailer of Coraline. 
  •  On 16th March 2015 they announced that the game will be playable 10th June, but it is still not sure.
  •  On 21th May it was comfirmed that the game will be deffinetly released in the end of June.
  •  On 11th July it was announced that the game will be least one or two hours long and that the people that saw the movie will have an easy mission.
  • The final released date (and the actual) was on 11th July. 
  • The game, Caroline and the Secret Door, is one of the longest waited games Inkagames has.
  • The fans of Inkagames are very disapointed and mad about the dates of the game.
  • The creators said that the game has some problems and will be played in shortly.
  • In the game, there were scenes that in the movie weren't really shown.