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Crocodiles or true crocodiles are large aquatic reptiles that live throughout the tropics in Africa, Asia, the Americas and Australia. Although they appear to be similar to the untrained eye, crocodiles, alligators and the gharial belong to separate biological families. Crocodile size, morphology, behavior and ecology somewhat differs between species. However, they have many similarities in these areas as well. All crocodiles are semiaquatic and tend to congregate in freshwater habitats such as rivers, lakes, wetlands and sometimes in brackish water and saltwater. They are carnivorous animals, feeding mostly on vertebrates such as fish, reptiles, birds and mammals, and sometimes on invertebrates such as molluscs and crustaceans, depending on species and age. All crocodiles are tropical species that unlike alligators, are very sensitive to cold.

In the game

Bart's Island Escape

Bart threw a fish with a yellow fruit (that was somniferous) into the blue lake, where the crocodile ate it and was in a deep sleep. We also saw, that the crocodile had in the bottom of the lake a prepared dinner table, with a pink plate and a glass, as well as a chair, that the crocodile was sitting on. In his right hand, he also had the fish bown laying on his chest.

Batman Saw Game

We saw it in the end of the game, where he was in a basement with water and wanted to eat the Joker.

Cody Jones Crazy Zoo

It was seen in the water near the snake. In the second part, Cody climbed on a tree and on a tree branch and with a cricket hammer he shoots away a metal garment.

Katy Perry Rescue

It was seen inside a small pool, having egyptian clothing on, and waited for his pray. But was defeated by the piranhas that were thrown into the water, that have aten him till the bones. Cody would then grab the chest that was in the water.



  • In Bart's game the crocodile is resebled as the Tic-Tock Crock, the enemy from Captian Hook.
  • He was very differenter then in Bart's Escape.

  • In Cody's Zoo the crocodile had the metal garment on his head all the time.
  • Cody put the metal thing on the fountain then.
  • Cody also used the water, where the crocodile was in for the spider and the giraffe.