About her

Doña Florinda, whose full name is Florinda Corcuera and Villalpando Vda. of Matalascayando, and is seen in El Chavo del Ocho program. She is a widow, about 40 years of a proud, cocky, arrogant and very contemptuous of the other members of the neighborhood character. She is always dressed in a pink dress with a white apron with Scottish-style prints and curlers in her hair. Combine all this with flip flops or black sandals.

In the game

Florina came out from her house, when she heared someone knocking on the door. As she saw that it was Chavo, she was seen angry also because she didn't wanted to bring Quico out. But as she saw her canary in the cage back, she was very happy and brought out Quico.

In the second part, Mrs. Florina came back out from her house as Don Ramon was flirting with her. She then punched him in the face and went back inside her house.

In the third part, Mrs. Florinda was seen coming towards Chavo's bevarage saling as she spoke with Chavo about Quico's drinking and how much he ows him.

In the fourth part, we could see her in her house, sitting next to the table with the man of her dreams.



  • At the first part, Chavo had to lurr the yellow canary into his cage by the bird seeds, that he got from the salesman, Mr. Prudencio, so that he could talk with Dona Florinda.
  • She punched his neighbour on the face that he swirls many times around.
  • She gave the money to Chavo from Quico's drinking after heading home.
  • She was seen in the end on the feast with the other characters as well as the man she loved.
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