About him

Don Ramon is one of the characters of the famous Mexican TV series El Chavo del Ocho. It is an unemployed widower who lives with her daughter in the vicinity of Chavo, property of Mr. Barriga. Ramon is always dressed in a black shirt with pocket on the left side of his chest, jeans, white sneakers and hat type light blue denim.

In the game

He was shown, when he came out of his house holding Quico's ball, because someone through it on his property. As his neigbour, Dona Florinda and her son Quico came to him, he stared at the women and was slowly flirting with her, when she smacks him on the face. After those two went inside their home, Chavo asked him, if he would really steal a kids ball, as he was almost trying to hit the little guy he only said, maybe to him and went back inside with his daugter.

In the second part, the Mr was in his house, sitting on his sofa reading his newspapers, when Chavo asked him, if he can borrow some things as Mr. Ramon denied. In some minutes later he was talking to a woman, that came into his house and asked him, if he wants to go and watch a movie with her as he applies and goes with her.



  • He was the first one to be seen in Chavo's trailer.
  • After being smacked, Don Ramon was very angry so he stomped around at first, then grabed his hat, threw it on the ground and stompped on it after putting it back on his head.
  • When Chavo asked him about the stealing the ball from a kid, he was ready to hit him, but he did not do it.
  • In his house he had three flags with different color, a fishing rod and an Indian hat.
  • Chavo made that Mr. Ramon and a pretty Miss go see the movies together.
  • He was seen in the end with other characters on a feast.
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