About him

Angel David Revilla, better known as Dross, was born on July 16, 1982, in Caracas, Venezuela. He is 34 and a character of the Internet. It began as a troll in discussion forums game, then build your own website. That space morphed and changed its name, today called El Diario de Dross. It receives visitors from all Spanish-speaking countries, having more than 10 million visits. To his credit, he has an account on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube channel (as DrossRotzank), and deviantART. It is well known for his Venezuelan accent and his tendency to say his recurring term: “¡COÑOOOO!”.

In the games

Fernanfloo Saw Game

Dross was seen when the ogre transforms.

Dross commented that he thinks Pigsaw is a part of a global conspiracy orchestrated by the powerful groups trying to take over the planet. When Fernan asked if he is sure, Dross said that he doesn't know, but that Fernan could make a really cool video over that. Dross hands Fernan a teleporter from Dragon Ball Z that master Karim gave it to him when he went to visit him on one of his trips. He then went out of the game while adding that he has to go and make a video.

German Saw Game

Dross lost his dog and wants him back again.

As German told him about the book he published, which its name is Chupa el Perro, and Dross said that he recommends him a way to promote it. He tells in a way that the book is already a bestseller in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Kazakhstan, Gotham, Antarctica, Bikini Bottom, Jupiter, Andromeda, and the whole universe. He also said that he sold millions of books with that phrase.



  • In Fernanfloo's game, he was the same as in the pictures and videos.
  • Fernan was shocked that the ogre was Dross. But he said troll and not ogre.
  • Dross was transformed into a troll, because he was a troll in his youth.

  • In German's game, the hero was surprised to see him, as Dross said, that Pigsaw brought him in Fernan's game but he hasn't let him go and hopes that he will be released after this game.
  • After German ask, if he had any objects, he approves it, but wanted German to bring him back his dog named Bongo. He describes him, that he has big ears and a very sad look.
  • As German comes back with Bongo, Dross gave him a large resistant cage.
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