About him

Eustace Bagge is a farmer who lives in the middle of Nowhere, with his wife Muriel, and her dog Courage. Eustace wears a pale yellow shirt with olive green overalls with black buttons, he also wears a dark brown hat and large black shoes. Under his hat he is bald. Eustace does not appear to have any teeth.

In the game

In Courage's game, he was seen in the house sitting in her favorite chair, but when the TV turns on, he and his wife were teleported into a painting.

At the end, he was rescued and was brought back.



  • In Courage's game, he was seen the same as in the TV shows.
  • When his wife asked him, about turning on the TV, he said, why doesn't she asks that dog to do it.
  • He could see Pigsaw's face, after he was teleported into the painting.
  • When he came back, he was sitting in the same chair as he was seen the first time.
  • He gave Courage a surprise he will never forget - scaring him with his mask - and because of that, he was teleported back to the painting.
  • In the painting he was seen shocked, scared and was seen that he wanted to get out from it.
  • When Courage teleported him to the painting, Eustace wasn't wearing his mask on.
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