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In botany, a tree is a perennial plant with an elongated stem, or trunk, supporting branches and leaves in most species. Trees tend to be long-lived, some reaching several thousand years old.

In the game

Cody Crazy Halloween

In Cody's game, the tree was on the right side of the house. When the dog peed on it, the tree ran away.

Coraline and the Secret Door

In Coraline's adventurous game, it is seen in a part of the park, waiting for someone who would grab the chair, that was nearby.

Crazy Haunted House

There were two trees in each side of the witch's house, and grabbed Quico and Chilindrina. In the second scene, they were being eaten by a super termite.


  • In Cody's Halloween, the branches were seen as a giant hand.
  • The tree was all in brown and with no leaves.
  • When the tree ran away, its roots raised a bit as it ran off and then it could be seen that the tree wasn't planted in the ground but was only placed.

  • In Coraline's game, the branches were seen as a hand, and had no leaves on it.
  • When Coraline threw a small stone at the center of the 'hand', it leaned back, stretched its fingers and disappeared.

  • In Crazy Haunted House, they grabbed the two kids when they revealed their true faces.
  • At the beginning of the trailer, it was seen as the two trees were sleeping.
  • They grabbed the kids with their branches as arms, and their eyes were wide open as they look at the kids they caught.
  • As the doors then closed, the two trees leaned back as they were and had their eyes shut as before.
  • When Chavo said that he had something for them, the two trees looked at him with their big eyes.
    • As they quickly discover that the boy had a termite in his hands, their eyes, as well as mouths, were wide opened.
    • The left tree was eaten first, then the right one.
    • When the termite hopped on the branch, the tree's eyes looked up at it.
    • The right tree looked at the top of the branch of his buddy, and when the termite ate him, the right tree looked down under him. He looked up again when it was his turn.
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