About him

Finn is the main character and a hero from the TV series Adventure Time. He is the last human of his kind and has his best friend Jake the Dog always with him, when it comes to adventures. His normal wear is: a white hat with two bunny-like ears (and underneath it, he has blond hair), blue T-shirt, dark blue short pants, a green backpack, black shoes with white socks.

In the game

In Adventure Time Saw Game, we could see him as a rescuer to Jake, that has been kidnapped by Pigsaw.



  • His appearence was the same as in the TV series.
  • Pigsaw wanted to play a game on Finn, because he wanted to 'help' him with him being a hero and to show that he can save Jake. Jake always help Finn, but now it is time to see, if he can do it on his own without his buddy.
  • This is the newest game, that Pigsaw decided, that the hero is from a cartoon serie and is playable in his own place.
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