About him

Flash is one of the Inka Game Team makers. He has orange short hair that he covers with a white-red hat, wearing a red T-shirt, yellow short pants and red shoes. His favorite thing is skating.

In the game

In his escape game, he had to escape the place he was in.

With the infrared glasses he could see the invisible text that was written on a small wripped paper. In the writing there was also a number of a year written down - it was also the code for the keylock. As he typed the code into the keylock, an opening on the wall next to him appeared and there was a flipchart paper. He sawed a desk from the chair off, so he could use it for to nail it on the small metal mechanic arm, to go to the other side.

On the next metal doors, he could see that there was a rotate keylock, where he had to use the numbers on Pigsaw's forehead, to open the doors. It rotate like as from a safe. When he came throught the doors to his freedom, he knew he had only a bad dream. The player could also see, that Flash was still dreaming how he is skating, and in his sleep mumbeling, that he needs to escape. When he was going to wake up, the dream began to fade and the thought pop like a balloon as he opened his eyes. He then said, that he needs to get working, and powered up his computer, as it was seemed that he was playing a shooting game.


  • In his escape game, he was seen in the Koopa Troopa's room.
  • In his item boath, he only had a desk of the skateboard, a pair of iron boots and a giant paper plane.
  • The picture, that was hanging on a wall, represented the sorcerers castle (in a game it was seen). But it also had a face all around. With the flipchart paper and a pencil, Flash could draw on the paper what seemed as Pigsaw's face. On his forehead he had numbers and arrows written. Flash also took out the nails from the picture.
  • In the room there were all of his friends sleeping at their computers.
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