About him

Garfield is the main protagonist and title character of the Garfield comic strips, television shows, and film series.

He appeared in Garfield Crazy Escape, but the game lost the Garfield theme and was renamed Tommy Crazy Escape. 

Tommy isn't much different than Garfield. From their colors of their fur, they could be easily the same - Tommy has yellow fur, while Garfield has orange fur.

In the games

In the game: Tommy Crazy Rescue, Garfield is different than in canon, and the other things (his master, Odie, etc.) are differenter too. He had to rescue his girlfriend Tina from the evil Joker rat.

In another game of Tommy: Tommy Sewer Escape, Garfield had to rescue himself from the Sewers. The place was very much alike to the first game.



  • In the game Tommy Crazy Rescue, he had to rescue his girlfriend from a rat named the Joker rat. The Joker rat had the same clothes and make-up as the real Joker.
  • Garfield is the only character to be in an Inkagame that is not found directly on
  • In Tommy Sewer Escape, there were people in the first game, some are new and some have their normal shapes and look more alike as in the movie or series.