Game description

Help German save his little doggy Mimi from Pigsaw!


Hero: HolaSoyGerman

Victim: Mimi

Villains: Zombie nurse, Yandere-chan, robotic killer monkey, Foxy, evil giant pizza, zombie clown, group of zombies, goat from Goat Simulator, two spiders, Boogeyman, Giant chicken, Nightmare Bonnie, mutant dog (if the strange liquid pour on the dog), Chucky, fat ugly guy in Outlast, Charlie bear, Pigsaw

Others: Lele, Dross, Bongo (dog of Dross), a guy in Happy Wheel, son of the guy in Happy Wheel, baggage man, woman and her boyfriend, Doctor House, Jean Carlos Medina, Emma Watson


German Saw Game walkthrough FULL

German Saw Game walkthrough FULL .

Link of the gamer: AllGamesWorldHd

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