About it

A gingerbread man is a biscuit or cookie made of gingerbread, usually in the shape of a stylized human, although other shapes, especially seasonal themes (Christmas, Halloween, Easter, etc.) and characters, are common.

In the game

In Cody's Chocolate Factory, it was near his master, Billy Wonka, guarding him. He was then poured a bit with milk and when Cody came in the room, it's arm cracked and he couldn't do nothing.



  • The gingerbread man was big, bigger than the entrance to Billy Wonka's lair. He is all brown but had some decorations on himself. He had dark-grey eyes with pink glaze around, yellow lips, pink buttons and red bands over his both hands and both feet.
  • When he was poured with milk, he did not notice or feel anything.
  • He was seen angry at the first sight, but when his hand cracked he was sad.
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