About them

Guards are the people that guard something, it can be some pricely stuff or guard a master or even guard the entrance and let no one in, if they have any documentation.

In the game

The guards in Cody's game were two black african men, that were guarding the entrance of the masters lair, but were sleeping. Cody then kick them while gliding on the rope.

In Cody's Chocolate Factory, he was seen guarding the entrance to Billy Wonka. He saw then Cody's face that was making fun out of him, and the guard then went out of his station, but then slipped on a skateboard and fell inside the jelly.



  • Both guards had spears and they used them to lead their heads on.
  • They only had blue pants.
  • Cody threw the rope that was tied with a skull on the edge of the skull's lair holed nose and glide with a branch.
  • Cody took one spear from the unconscious men to use it in his final show-down.
  • The guard had a blue gear on him with pink gloves, grey shoes and had a candy stick in one of his hands.

  • When he fell in the jelly, the sakeboard fell in too.
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