Gumball Saw Game is a new game in the new year of 2019.

Game description

It's Christmas Eve and the evil Pigsaw will force Gumball to play his evil game. Help him escape safe and sound!


Hero: Gumball Watterson

Villains: Pigsaw, Thumb, Tina, Rob

Victim(s): His family

Others: Bryan Gamez Contreras, Mr. Robinson, Mrs. Robinson, The Mad Hatter, Tobias, Joe, Leslie, Roberto, Miss Simian, Principle Brown, Teri, Carmen, Alan, Masami, Jamie, Larry, Larry's boss, Penny, Penny's pet spider, Tazz, Carrie, the cafeteria man, dougnut police officer


Gumball First look

First look at Gumball Waterson's sprite for the game

  • The Inka Leader confirmed this game on a Facebook Live Transmission on November 26th 2017
    • In the same transmission he showed a first look to Gumball's sprite.
    • According to the Inka Leader, Gumball is going to rescue someone.
      • The possible candidates to be the rescued one are:
        • His Family
        • Darwin only
        • His girlfriend Penny
        • Both Penny and Darwin
    • The idea of a Gumball Saw Game was first seen on a comic made for an Inka Contest in 2015 by a Inka Fan named Valentina Muñoz H. In said comic, Gumball had to rescue Penny who was held in some part of their school. The comic won the 6th place on the contest.
    • The game should be uploaded in the end of December 2018, but because of some difficulties, they had to upload it in January 2019.
      Penny Rescue Comic

      Penny's Rescue comic by Valentina Muñoz H. Only in spanish.

Gumball Saw Game Complete Walkthrough

Gumball Saw Game Complete Walkthrough.

Link of the gamer: AllGamesWorldHd

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