About him

Hubert J. Farnsworth, better known as Professor Farnsworth or the Professor, is the proprietor of the Planet Express delivery service. He is pushing the limits of even the 31st century at an agе of well over 160.

He is bald, has large linses on his glasses, a while long coat, light blue turtle neck shirt and slippers, dark green trousers.

In the game

In Fry's game, he was seen sitting on a chair in the large room, and shivering of coldness. And after Fry heated up the hall, the professor was normal.

The professor told Fry to heat up the room. Fry then put some firewood in the fireplace and used a laser heater to make a fire. As the room was warm, the professor gain his skin color back and could stand up. He thank Fry and said, that he is going for a walk. He went to the exit doors of the room, where he was not seen anymore.



  • In Fry's game, he was seen the same as in the series.
  • He looked purple because he was cold.
  • On his seat, he had a detonator.
  • The room was decorated with stockings, ribbons, green mush and golden stars that were hanging from the ceeling.
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