Inkagames (formerly Politicojuegos, and Inka Games) is a independent Peruvian website that hosts online indie point-and-click games. It was released in April 4, 2006. For a list of games see here.


When Aldo Mujica met with his friends from work to try to teach them how to create a videogame, he did not imagine that years later he would make the decision to resign to dedicate himself full time to this art of creating virtual fantasies. The first time he simply made a game of Ollanta Humala because he wanted to teach his friends with a little humor. However, one of those present, with very good intuition, without saying anything hung it on the network and the next day and spoke of it in the newspapers. That was the letter of introduction of Inka Games.

The first thing that Aldo wanted to make clear was that he never intended to do a business with video games and that he never thought about hanging the game on the web I do not want Ollanta . "How Ollanta Humala was fashionable, then I said -Well, we're going to do Humala- and I gave them a small example, because it was not the intention to put it on the web or that people see it," he says.

However, without his authorization one of his colleagues not only hung the game on the Internet, but he made sure to send it by mail to the entire list of APRA contacts.

Thus, this political group, which at that time in 2006 disputed the second round of the presidential elections with Humala, perhaps had a lot to do with the dissemination of the game and in which there was a note on it published in the newspaper Trome the next day...



When the website was released, it only contained one game called Ollanta Recargado. A few days later, another game was released called Ollanta Humala Títere. After about a week, a third game called The Snipper was released on, along with a new game announced later which was supposed to be released in July but was never released, development was stopped or it was possibly canceled. A few months later. Circuito Conchán - Como Sacar Brevete was released.

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