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Para todos los fanáticos de Inkagames de habla hispana, hay un Wiki al que pueden unirse y editar, pero solo para aquellos que estén dispuestos a agregar cosas que estén relacionadas con Inkagames y no con Fan-stuff. Si tiene un propósito y desea ayudar a que la Wiki crezca, agregue nuevos personajes y escriba sobre ellos, ingrese.

Sé que mucha gente habla español y quiere agregar cosas, así que esta es tu oportunidad de mostrarte y hacer algo bueno. Realmente espero que esto ayude.

La Wiki te está esperando


As it is known now, Inkagames' games are not going to be added on their main page. However, all games will soon be transferred to Google Play with a new name: Mazniac, that they will be uploading their games, along with new ones. We want to inform you all that the Wiki will also be under construction, as we want to add the new games with the already existing games (we shall make a button for that). So please, if you want to add something (from Mazniac games), please do it with caution so there will be no trouble. You cannot add any new info into an already existing game (example: You cannot add like in Cody Crazy Halloween - developers: Mazniac or any new characters - as like said before, we shall make a new page for them (with a button).

If you have any questions or what would be even best or better to add or change, you can message Valentin girl.



 Inkagames & Dark Dome Games

New Games

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Previous Games

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This is a wiki for Flash games, found on the web. It contains links, FAQs, help files, walkthroughs, and more.
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Inkagames is a point and click game, as well as a puzzle game. The player has to escape from a maze where the main villain has putted him in.

Inside the maze, there are lots of tools that help him solve problems, being with other villains or ordinary puzzles. Besides villains, there are also helpers that give something to the player or tag-allong in the adventure. 




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