About him

Louie the Postman, whose real name is Jaime Garabito, is a character in the TV series El Chavo del Ocho. He has white hair long and unkempt, as he is with his cap on. Also it has a white mustache which highlights his grimaces and gestures. Use small round glasses, a blue-gray suit postman in a bag bearing the letters and a neckerchief, with black boots, a black hat and a belt.

In the game

In Chavo's game, he came to Chavo when he had his beverage buisness and with him, he was carrying his bike. The two talked about, if Jaimito has learned to ride a bike yet. As then the two talked about the beverages and a letter.

In Crazy Haunted House, he was seen coming to a old house, where he could see Quico and Chilindrina being kidnapped by an evil witch. He then head back to his place and called Chavo.



  • In Chavos's game, Jaimito hand over the letter for Dona Ceotilde to Chavo, and Jaimito could then drink a beverage from the little boy.
  • He was seen in the end with all of the other characters, where they had a feast.

  • In Crazy Haunted House, he was only seen in the trailer.
  • When he came to the houses mailbox, he was holding his bike in his hands.
  • He knew where Chavo would be - in the barrel.
  • He told Chavo about the witch that kidnapped his two friends, and then left.
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