About him

Justin Bieber is a Canadian pop musician, actor, and singer-songwriter. Justin has released 4 studio albums and 1 extended play. Justin's fans are called Beliebers. His fan base is made up of Boy Beliebers and Girl Beliebers. Justin has 6 albums that have debuted at number 1 on the Billboard 200 chart.

In the game

Justin Bieber Saw Game

Justin was seen in a old maze, where he asked himself where he is at. He could remember that he was inside the dressing room when a pig with a wig showed up. After hearing, that Pigsaw wanted to play a game, he appologized, saying, that he needs to go on a rehearsal for his concert in Argentina. He was then shocked when he heard, that his beloved girlfriend, Selena, was a victim of the crazy puppet. At that moment, he made his descision on rescuing Selena. When Pigsaw appeared in the TV the second time, and told him about guessing a card that he is holding, he already had a deck of cards, and he could know which card was missing, 13 of hearts. He then stands on a closed fake ground and called for Pigsaw. He saw that he had in one hand the card, while in the other, he had it on a rope. He then had to jump on a trampoline, dive the ball in the basket and landed softly on the matrice. This way, a nother metalic doors could open up. In the last scene, he had to make out the colors on the cube as well remembering the numbers that were for each color in line, so that he could write it on the keypad. He then sees that his girlfriend was set free and thank the player with his adventure, and mocks Pigsaw, telling him that he is a dumb puppet and has stupid games.


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