About her

Katy Perry (born: Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson; October 25, 1984) is an American award-winning recording artist, businesswoman, philanthropist, and actress from Santa Barbara.

In the game

She was seen by some doodles that were attached on the wall and listening to the tour guide. When the guide said, that they are going to leave, she wanted to stay there for a bit more as she liked the doodles. She then got poked behind and thought it was the guide. Then there was a second poke and turns around seeing Imhotep and screamed of fright. She then would fainth in his arms as they left.

Later she was seen trapped on the wall, by green lasers attaching her wrists and feet. When Cody defeated the priest, she was set free. They then went outside with the other people where she thank him for saving her. But after she sees a mummy on the loose, she ran away.


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