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Biologically, a child is a human between the stages of birth and puberty. The legal definition of child generally refers to a minor, otherwise known as a person younger than the age of majority.

In the game

In Cody's Crazy Halloween, there were two children outside the haunted house, wearing a halloween costume. They wanted their ball back, but the house was too scary to go inside. In the end of the game, the kids thank the detective for searching and giving the ball back as they turn into white ghosts and flew away.

In Cody's Halloween Rescue there was a little girl in he beginning of the game and she said to him, that her brother is missing in House of Horror and asked him, if he can help. In the near end, the brother of the little girl was tied up on a tree when Slenderman was infront of him, talking to him. When the boy was rescued, he came back to his sister and when the moon shinned on both of them, they were transformed into werewolfs.



  • The boy was wearing a batman outfit, while the girl was wearing a wonder woman outfit.
  • Both of the kids and the dog turned into ghosts, and they all waited till they were all in the sky and then flew.

  • In Halloween Rescue, the girl had to give Cody a dollar, so that he would pay for the ticket to get into the House.
  • The boy was directly looking at Slenderman and was scared. But when he vanished, the boy was happy and went with detective Cody to his sister.
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