Game description

Kim Dotcom has to get out from the prison with his brother.


Hero: Charlie Dotcom.

Arrested: Kim Dotcom.

Enemies: Buliding S.A. guardman, Prison officers, Nurse, Tough inmate, Stewie Griffin, Guard dog.

Others: FBI, Prison guard, Gun dealer, Tatooist girl, Bank teller, Aida, Diner waitress, Alien(Roger), Odd looking inmate, Inmate with a weird hairdo, Fifty Cent, Dennis Rodman, Fat inmate, Patricio, Dominic.


  • Aida and Patricio are the Inka Winners for this game.
  • In this game, the Family guy (Swenie - the little) is in, with a other prisoner sitting on a beanch.
  • Charlie had to preform a roberry, so that he can be reunited with his brother and do some things that can may help both of them, to get out from the prison.
  • He has a great talent of acting, like he has a headache, when preforming to the policeman and the nurse.
  • In the end of the game, we see the two brothers on a Wanted List as they were dressed differently and free.
Kim Dotcom Prison Break (Inkagames) - Walkthrough

Kim Dotcom Prison Break (Inkagames) - Walkthrough

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