Game description

Lindsay has to play Pigsaw's wicked game with her friend, Charlie.


Heroes: Lidsay Lohan, Charlie Sheen

Villains: Baboon, witch, Samara

Others: Dragon (Charizard)


  • Lindsay and Charlie were kidnapped in the film room.
  • Lindsay is wearing the same clothes as she had in her Prison Escape. Charlie has the same clothes as he was wearing in his firstsaw game.
  • This is Charlies second game, but the first game where he has to play with a nother character.
  • Charlie had to play a video game with his own character.
  • In a room with two beds, Pigsaw appeared on the TV and said to Charlie, that he has to go to sleep.
  • In the dream (Charlie's dream), Charlie was lovked down in a wooden house.
  • In the end Pisaw said, that he hopes that Lindsay and Charlie behave good as he mentions a nother victim in Springfield.
  • It's The 2nd appearance of Charizard, he was named "Dragon".
Lindsay Lohan Saw Game Walkthrough

Lindsay Lohan Saw Game Walkthrough

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