About him

Lucas Tañeda is a character in El Chavo series. He is alot taller then his friend Chaparrón Bonaparte but is still crazy like him.

In the game

Lucas was coming into the room where Chaparron was in. At first he was asking his friend about, if he knew the people were saying that those two were crazy as he was making some moves with his hands. In a moment, he helped his friend with his upsetness.

In the second part, Lucas was scared of a ghost that was a prank from Chavo. As the little kid wanted the carpet for his buisness selling, Lucas wanted a prove for that.



  • Lucas was moving his hands with both of his pointers up and moving as he wanted to make some signs or wanted to dance.
  • He punched his friends back, because if Chaparron is upset he would do some footsteps.
  • They both wanted to have a good prank from someone.
  • He hopped on the sofa with his friend because of the ghost.
  • Chavo had to show them a sign that informs, that he wants to put a buisness.
  • He was then seen in the end of the game, on a big feast with all of the other characters.
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