Game description

Now it's Maggie's turn to play Pigsaw's evil game.


Hero: Maggie

Villains: Baby Gerald, an evil doll, two guards, Pigsaw

Others: A girl with an Ipad, a girl who like books, a boy with chemistry kit, a boy with painting kit, five kids riding toy cars, some kids painting, a boy with box on head, a boy painting on wall, Marge


  • At the start of the game, Pigsaw confesses to Maggie that he didn't wanted to make her play his game but he did it due to many Inkagames fan requests asking him to do it.
  • All the babies that were in the nursery are characters from The Simpsons.
  • For the use of the phone there aren't numbers, but shapes of toys.
  • At the end, Pigsaw revealed that he never kidnapped Maggie's family because he can't do that for a little girl.
  • In the end, Marge wondered how did Maggie came out and said, that she is not going to bring her back in the nursery again.
Maggie Saw Game Walkthrough

Maggie Saw Game Walkthrough

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