About her

Marjorie Jaqueline "Marge" Bouvier-Simpson is the homemaker and full-time mom of the Simpson family. With her husband Homer, she has three (later four) children: Bart, Hugo (non-canon), Lisa, and Maggie. Marge is the moralistic force in her family and often provides a grounding voice in the midst of her family's antics by trying to maintain order in the Simpson household. Aside from her duties at home, Marge has flirted briefly with a number of careers ranging from police officer to anti-violence activist.

Marge usually wears a strapless green dress, strapless white negligee with pink frills and bows, red shoes, a red pearl necklace and her blue tall hair.

In the game

Marge was seen in several games before - in Homer, Lisa, Bart and Maggie; where she was just seen being kidnapped by Pigsaw.

After she has her own game, it is time that she saves her family from the Devil Flanders. In the game she had to transform into her daughter Lisa to get some stuff.



  • In every game, Marge was normal and not changed at all.
  • She is the only one in the games, that had a hair cut, transform into one of the family, talk to God and defeat the devil.
  • She had light green lasers around her hands and attached to the walls, as she was kidnapped.
  • In her youngest of her daughters, she was seen as a plush doll.