About her

Mel Jones is the mother of Coraline and the wife of Charlie Jones. She is constantly seen very busy and have little time for her daughter as per her job as a gardening catalogue editor. Mel has a brace around her neck from a truck crash (Coraline mentioned at the beginning of the film), and wears a white turtle-neck sweater and dark pants, additionally with red sneakers. Her hair is almost the same fashion as her daughter's, although hers are of black color.

In the game

In Coraline's adventure game, she was seen in the kitchen, near the table and sitting, while she was working something on her computer.

In the second part, she was seen standing near her husbands computer room, when she gave a doll to Coraline.

At next morning she was in the kitchen near her computer again.

At the second morning, she was seen in the kitchen again, when she said to Coraline, that she had to go shopping for some food.

Some moments later, she was seen trapped in the mirror with Charlie and freezing.

Later on, when Coraline comes back to the real world again, we saw Mel and Charlie coming in the living room, where Coraline was and had a bit of snow on their heads.

After 2 hours they were seen in Coraline's room, talking about the yard party and later went outside the room.



  • In Coraline's game she was the same as in the movies, she even got the neck holder around her neck.
  • When Coraline asks her about any wierd key that she was talking about, she gave her the informations.
  • She said that the doll was delivered by Wybie, after she went to the kitchen.
  • She and Charlie were near his room, while they talked to Coraline and had souper.
  • They did not know they had snow on their heads and also, the snow disappeared.
  • She was seen in the end of the game, when all the characters were outside on the yard party.
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