About him

Mola Ram was the high priest of the Thuggee and leader of the cult. The son of a Thuggee priest, Mola Ram emigrated from Bengal to Pankot in search of three Sankara Stones. With two already in his possession, Ram believed all five would empower the Thuggee to destroy their British persecutors and establish his goddess Kali's reign on Earth. In Pankot, he found a powerful ally in Chattar Lal, the Prime Minister of Pankot Palace. Ram poisoned Pankot's ruler, Maharajah Premjit Singh in 1930 and with Lal's help, subdued the heir: Premjit's young son, Zalim. The pair restored the palace's long-neglected Kali temple, and set up a mining operation beneath the palace, with the intent of locating the remaining stones.

In the game

He was seen in the beggining when he grabed Indiana Jones. In the end of the game he was seen meditating when Indiana Jones kicks him to his unconsciousness.



  • In the game, he had on his head a blue spiral color, on the back of his head two yellow and 2 blue leaves/feathers, had a leopard cloack, red pants, some acessories on both of his arms, a bone on both ends of his nose, yellow eyes and teeth, and holds a ceremonial staff in his hand.
  • In his lair, he had also fire in a made-up hole.
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