About it

Dark Deception is a game, where the player needs to avoid the monkeys. The man monkeys stand on their back feet, wearing a red hat and coat, like a baggage man. They do not have hands, but they have knifes. They have a scary smiling look; pink eyes, sharp teeth, and blood around their lips.

In the game

In German Saw Game, he was seen being unpluged and did not work.

With the cross bow and the plunger, German plugged out the battery from the monkey's back. German takes the monkey with him.

In the second part, he appeared being put in a hallway and walks towards the room, where the Pizza was.

Before German would release the monkey, he had to put the battery back in the back so he could live, and from there he steps inside the room where was Pizza. He was also moving his sharp hands, making everything slice near him. As the monkey did his work, the battery ran out of him and had his face low again.



  • In German's game, it was seen the same as in the video games, only that in here he had a green battery behind his back that was powering it.
  • When the battery was out, his face went more low and kinda sad looking.
  • The battery was medium sized and in the center it had a yellow bolt.