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Mordecal saw game is a game where Pigsaw kidnap Margeret and Rigby and force Mordecal to plays his game.


Hero: Mordecai

Victims: Rigby, Margaret

Villains: A Monster in the black hole, cat, an evil clone of Mordecai, evil car, dog, The Giant Eye, Unicorns, the Death, The Destroyer of Worlds, Pigsaw

Other: Benson, Jeremy(credit "Chad"), Skips, Thomas, Wizard, High Five Ghost, Mustle Man, a sales man, Pops, a boxing intructor, Dale, a sleeping man in gym, a guy that is hanging on a bar in gym, Agustina Jaime, Carlos Cufre, a business man, Pompitas(the dog)


  • This game along with Rigby Saw Game were orinally meant to be a single game titled Regular Show Saw Game, but due to the lack of resources to make Mordecai and Rigby playable at the same time, the concept splited into two separate Saw Games.
  • In this game (possitively in Rigby's room) there are 6 grey circles, that had Pigsaw's face on it. If the player (aka Mordecai) open the drawers and close them right, the grey circle turned his color to green. If it is wrong it turns red and all 'data' is deleted immediately.
  • The enemies and other characters in the game are mostly characters from Regular show.
  • He had to do Benson's to-do list, so that he could earn money.
  • In the game there was the buisness man (from the Adventure Time).
  • Agustina Jaime was the winner of one of the Inkagames videos and the creators create an animated version of her and her uncle.
  • Defeating the Death itself, Mordecai had to preform the Death Punch.
  • In the end of the game, he had to battle against The Destroyer of Worlds character. But he had to fight it with his own character: Burgerboy in order to have his friends back.
  • Smooth Criminal(A Michael Jackson song) can be heard during the Burgerboy minigame
  • For the differences in games (Mordecai, Rigby) look here: Rigby Saw Game
Mordecai Saw Game Walkthrough

Mordecai Saw Game Walkthrough

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