About her

Muriel is an overweight Scottish elderly woman. She is the kind owner of Courage and the hard-working wife of Eustace. She has white curls, wears an olive colored dress, a yellow apron, a pair of sturdy, black leather boots, and just like her husband Eustace, glasses.

In the game

In Courage's game, she was seen in the house sitting in her favorite chair, but when the TV turns on, she and her husband were teleported into a painting.

At the end, she was rescued and was brought back.



  • In Courage's game, she was seen the same as in the TV shows.
  • She asked Eustace, if he could turn on the TV, because her favorite show is about to start.
  • She could see Pigsaw's face, after she was teleported into the painting.
  • When she came back, she was sitting in the same chair as she was seen the first time.
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