Game description

Obama has to defeat the evil Freezer.


Hero: Obama

Villains: Freezer, Octavio(Neutro), a soldier, an evil man, an evil lady, Pcordia, Zarbom, Onyo Captain 

Others: Goku, Master Roshi, Yamcha, Ultron, a frighten lady, Emnanza, Master Korin, an ogre, mr. Popo, King Kai, Bulma, Ten Shin Han, Picardo, Gohan, Krilin, Vegetta (Cameo), Octavio(Neutro) 


  • In the game are all characters from Ball Z.
  • Octavio was in control, but then he helps Obama.
  • The game characters (all of them) know Obama's name. 
  • In the battle between Obama and Freezer, Obama's hair turned blond and big. 
Obama Ball Z (Inkagames) - Walkthrough

Obama Ball Z (Inkagames) - Walkthrough

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