Game description

Obama has to defeat Bush and escape the prison he is locked in.


Hero: Obama

Villans: Bush, Fulminator, Bush's minions - Pancho and Foncho, The Death.

Others: Rambo, Jack Sparrow, Yoda, Fidel Castro.

First Version

The first version of the game was nearly the same from the current one except that the Helicopter was not needed to recharge fuel and the Fidel and the Death scene was not there.

Obama Guantanamo Escape walkthough

Obama Guantanamo Escape walkthough

Link of the gamer: Drake Platinum


  • In the game Bush puts on a mask (a Obama mask), so that he would rule the world, and place the real Obama in the Guantanamo prison.
  • In this game Bush had 2 henchmen and were seen twice.
  • In the end, Bush confeses that it was Pigsaw's plan about it all along and that everything is going exactly as planned.
  • This is the second game where Bush and the Death appear together, the first one was Save Gaza.
    • The Death's sprite is the same from Save Gaza.
Obama Guantanamo Escape

Obama Guantanamo Escape

Link of the gamer: Dafawfulizer

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